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Photo Captions: Discovering my book on the shelf at Prairie Lights (Iowa City), Barnes & Noble (Coralville, Iowa), and an upcoming event with Faith + Lead. RECENT & UPCOMING HAPPENINGS New article with Faith & Lead: "Heal Self, Love Others." "Childcare in Iowa," on Ethical Perspectives in the News. Sponsored by the Inter-Religious Council of Linn… Continue reading NEWSLETTER (MAY, 2022)

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Prayer is Only the Beginning

Pray for compassion, for just mercy, for our culture prone to carry unhealed pain buried within its layers of lies and controversy until it explodes into others--so often and again our innocents. Then get off your knees advocating with every word, deed, action, courageous works of self-healing, and posture for God's love, compassion, and justice… Continue reading Prayer is Only the Beginning

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Infused in the words we speak, imbued in the words we write, dripping in the words we think is something pulsating with direction and meaning. Writers call this something many names, none right or wrong. Just ways of describing our unique urge to use words when making sense of self, other, world, and God. Writer… Continue reading HEART’S BEAT

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April Newsletter, 2022

CURRENT REALITY It's April. My youngest son left to explore Europe. My oldest son winds his way toward home for work, doctors' appointments, and visa renewal. Forrest and I passed the first round of applications to adopt a doodle dog. The house is up for sale. I'm interviewing for congregational ministry, wondering and worrying about… Continue reading April Newsletter, 2022

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Easter Early in Grief

Every Lent a simple wreath hangs on our door. It's a peace sign woven from vines by a third world woman. Someone trying to better her life and therefore the lives of her family by fingers practicing hope. This sign also hung on our door from the first August morning of our grief. I took… Continue reading Easter Early in Grief

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Spread the News

Spiritual writer and griever, Paula D'Arcy*, says of A Time to Mourn & A Time to Dance... "[This] work is a profound and needed teaching about trauma recovery and perseverance, masterfully told." Here are 2 things you can do help people who need this book find this book: Write a review of my book on… Continue reading Spread the News

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Tomorrow’s Dawn

Five and a half years ago I was closing the door of my late husband's mental health practice for the last time. Boxes of client files went into clinical professional storage. Furniture came home, was sold, or moved to my older son's first apartment. Various mementos found their way to family members. Tony's extensive professional… Continue reading Tomorrow’s Dawn

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March Newsletter, 2022

Lenten Litany During this season of Lent let us pray,Creating God, produce peace within each of us. Ask our inner peace to radiate out into the world.Saving Jesus, provide lasting healing within each of us. Lead our healing into peace.Advocating Spirit, reveal wounds within each of us needing mending. Accompany us toward healing ways. Saving… Continue reading March Newsletter, 2022

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Prayers Supporting Trauma Recovery

These prayers were written for and first offered to God on February 21, 2022 at the Montreat Conference Center during the symposium, Poems for a Dangerous Time. I presented a workshop entitled Psalms in Despair: Reflection, Practice, & Prayers During Trauma Recovery. We began the workshop with these prayers. Let us pray, Healer of our… Continue reading Prayers Supporting Trauma Recovery

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February Newsletter 2022

WAITING This month finds me busy doing book interviews, planning for upcoming in-person events, and writing a couple of articles. But I am also listening to the stirrings of Spirit. Wondering when and where my first call in ordained ministry will be. In other words, I am waiting. Waiting can be frustrating. I have days… Continue reading February Newsletter 2022