LONG BIO                                                                                                         

JENNIFER OHMAN-RODRIGUEZ, MDiv, MEd                               

Jennifer Ohman-Rodriguez recently graduated from Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota with Master of Divinity degree. During the height of the pandemic she served as Vicar in a sole pastoral presence to the congregation of St. Andrew Lutheran Church (ELCA) in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Currently Ohman-Rodriguez is  awaiting first call in Word and Sacrament ministry in the ELCA. Her call to ministry includes continuing her work as a writer. Ohman-Rodriguez’ extensive work in faith formation curricula is published by Augsburg Fortress, Sparkhouse, and Westminster John Knox Press in the resources of Spark, Whirl, Frolic, Feasting on the Word, Christ in our Home, Sundays and Seasons, as well as in leader sourcebooks accompanying the work the Dan Erlander. Her magazine articles and essays appear in The Christian Century, Young Children, Young Children and the Creative Arts, QC Family Focus, The Lutheran, The Lutheran Digest, Zoay, Books Make a Difference, The Living Lutheran, Faith+Lead as well as The Little Lutheran and The Little Christian. Jennifer Ohman-Rodriguez’ first book A Time to Mourn and a Time to Dance: A Love Story of Grief, Trauma, Healing, and Faith releases in January, 2022  and is published by Chalice Press.  She also curates Trauma Recovery at Compassionate Christianity. Ohman-Rodriguez worked in the early care and education field for twenty years. She taught in a variety of settings including childcare, traditional preschool, Head Start, and at the college level. In 1993 she earned a Master of Education degree from the Erikson Institute for Advanced Studies in Child Development in Chicago, Illinois. Ohman-Rodriguez then directed a preschool program, worked as a teacher trainer, and developed an inclusive arts program for preschool-age children in Wisconsin. She is the co-creator and served as the first coordinator of Quality through Accreditation, an early care and education quality enhancement program based in the Illinois and Iowa Quad Cities. Along with two other professionals she presented ideas for raising early care and education quality at the National Association for the Education of Young Children Annual Conference (NAEYC) in 2007. Before becoming an educator, Ohman-Rodriguez was a professionally trained musician with a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana. 


Jennifer Ohman-Rodriguez is awaiting first call to ordained ministry in the ELCA. Her first book, A Time to Mourn and a Time to Dance: A Love Story of Grief, Trauma, Healing, and Faith, releases in January of 2022 and is published by Chalice Press.  Ohman-Rodriguez curates Trauma Recovery at Compassionate Christianity and holds master’s degrees in early child development and divinity.


I use the pronouns she, her, and hers.


I hold both belief and faith in my belief. My belief is in something far bigger than myself. So immense my imagination cannot fathom its greatness. It is almost unknowable, making a mystery of it all. In my Lutheran Christian tradition I name my belief as God as revealed in Holy Trinity: God, Jesus, and Spirit. My faith is in believing that at the very core of every molecule of creation God is and that God is love. My faith believes God as love and love as God live in us while we also live in God. When I sit with my faith in prayer, meditation, writing, scripture, and worship, God as love bubbles up within me with delight flowing out into the world.

1 thought on “BIO”

  1. Dear Jennifer,
    I am currently enjoying your writing in the publication Christ in our Home. After looking up your website I realized we worked together many years ago at Resurrection Preschool in Chicago. So many changes in life. Just wanted you to know that your writings comfort me and I wish you and yours God’s Blessings. Meg Kessler

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