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In health and human development we often use this term: survive or thrive. An either/or term with an embedded orbit between the two. Teachers, child development specialists, medical doctors, therapists, chaplains, pastors, loved ones, and really most of us want children and all people to move beyond surviving into thriving. Because surviving can be a… Continue reading Flourishing

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I've been traveling a lot lately. And in my travels I've met many people harmed by some form of Christianity. Some by my own denomination. Yet all the people I've met still seek something greater than themselves: The earth, other gods, nature, other ways of believing in something. But God, the God I proclaim, seems… Continue reading NEWSLETTER, SEPTEMBER 2022

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Revealing Gospel

Two seminary professors asked my classmates and me this question: "What is Gospel?" What? Aren’t we supposed to know what Gospel is? Isn’t part of being a Christian knowing this stuff. Even if we are sort of a part-time Christian? Or even a couple-times-a-year Christian? Oh Crap. I’m in seminary and I’m Googling the definition.… Continue reading Revealing Gospel

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TRAVELING BACK Looming. Ahead of me. Out the windshield. Clipping along at 70 miles per hour, maybe faster. Mile after mile bringing me closer to what I have dreaded for almost six years. My stomach tells me we are almost there. Thankful Forrest drives, not me. Phone rings. Answer only because it's one of my… Continue reading NEWSLETTER for AUGUST, 2022

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Trauma, Afterlife and Recovery

My late husband, Tony, was a licensed clinical social worker. He specialized in two specific areas of trauma recovery—sexual addictions and male survivors of childhood sexual violence including clergy abuse. Often Tony came home with this complaint: “I had another new client today who went to his pastor first. His pastor was shaming. Had no… Continue reading Trauma, Afterlife and Recovery

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From my collection of unpublished pieces circa early 2018. When it came time for our oldest son to attend Sunday School, I balked. My late husband was no help because the concept of Sunday School was completely foreign to him. Tony was a product of parochial school. In his mind, we simply attended worship on… Continue reading Anchoring

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Easter Early in Grief

Every Lent a simple wreath hangs on our door. It's a peace sign woven from vines by a third world woman. Someone trying to better her life and therefore the lives of her family by fingers practicing hope. This sign also hung on our door from the first August morning of our grief. I took… Continue reading Easter Early in Grief

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March Newsletter, 2022

Lenten Litany During this season of Lent let us pray,Creating God, produce peace within each of us. Ask our inner peace to radiate out into the world.Saving Jesus, provide lasting healing within each of us. Lead our healing into peace.Advocating Spirit, reveal wounds within each of us needing mending. Accompany us toward healing ways. Saving… Continue reading March Newsletter, 2022

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February Newsletter 2022

WAITING This month finds me busy doing book interviews, planning for upcoming in-person events, and writing a couple of articles. But I am also listening to the stirrings of Spirit. Wondering when and where my first call in ordained ministry will be. In other words, I am waiting. Waiting can be frustrating. I have days… Continue reading February Newsletter 2022

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Last week I dropped off another load of stuff. Made a donation of sorts to an organization assisting people in need. My stuff helps make their programs happen. I've been doing this kind off-loading a lot lately as I forage through item after item in our home looking to toss, keep, or give away. Of… Continue reading STUFF