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NEWSLETTER November 2022

THIRD THANKSGIVING Eleven pounds. Eighty-six ounces. Fresh. Organic. Not too heavy for me to lift into my grocery cart. Remember the brussel sprouts. Forget the cranberries. Because I burned my orange, cardamom, cranberry sauce in the crock pot yesterday. Making sauce no one will eat. Because really what we all want are good lingonberries with… Continue reading NEWSLETTER November 2022



We are knee deep into the month of gluttony.  Since that second helping of stuffing on Thanksgiving Day to New Year’s Day nibbles, I along with most of my fellow citizens wage war with an onslaught of food.  I wait, bite after bite, for January to arrive with all its culinary dullness when I will… Continue reading AN ANCIENT ANCESTRAL GRAIN


Grits, Groats, Grout, and Gruel

We are having a warm, dry fall here in my small corner of Iowa this year. Dust and leaves blow across the fields even when no one is busy harvesting. Harvest of course makes more dust as the cut corn or beans spread their smells across our yards. For a few weeks tractors and combines… Continue reading Grits, Groats, Grout, and Gruel