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My Children Leave Me in January

Snow and Ice My children leave me in January when winter sky covers the fields. Dropped temperatures bundle us into sluggish selves. Frosted windows watch as the world whispers in thickened silence. My children leave me in January never following the predetermined course of others their age. Not August or September when many return to… Continue reading My Children Leave Me in January

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ON THE BOOKSHELF WELCOME Welcome to my inaugural newsletter. Why a newsletter? Well honestly the idea began at the advice of every marketing person in the publishing industry. Somehow newsletters boost book sales. Believe me, I'm not producing a newsletter because I want to contribute to the clutter in your inbox. So yes, I am… Continue reading JANUARY NEWSLETTER 2022

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A Nest Between

Weave with precious threads rounded walls, Unraveled from various fabrics, Wedding gown, suits, maternity clothes, barongs, Neckties, favorite shirts, ripped blue jeans, funeral attire. Fill woven cup with soft flannel, Cut from well-washed baby blankets and elders' crocheted throws, Topped with wooly lambskin meant for lining Swedish baby buggies, Nestling in other comforts left-over from… Continue reading A Nest Between